'We are a movement promoting confidence, sisterhood, and healthy lifestyles through the lens of track and field women and girls.' - Mechelle, Founder

TrackGirlz® is a sport & fitness enterprise with a purpose.  We aim to provide a consistent voice to help create and maintain relevance for track girls beyond the Olympic Games through athletic apparel, sport, and fitness events, their authentic lifestyle choices.  Having a social cause at our core, we offer community initiatives through our Leadership Camps and fitness programs for youth and adult females.  

The global “Track Girl” culture already exists.  If you are a female actively competing in the sport, you are called a Track Girl – no matter if you run, jump, or throw.  And, once a Track Girl, always a Track Girl.  It’s a community of powerful women and girls who compete or have competed in the sport and live the lifestyle of being a person confident in their skin and a competitor both on and off the track and field.  

Our goal is simple: Share the energizing spirit of a Track Girl to our audiences to inspire success in their everyday lives.   

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