Our goal is simple: Equip women and girls with the resources to be successful in and out of track and field to empower their everyday lives. #TrackGirlz


TrackGirlz is a 501c3 nonprofit organization providing girls access to sisterhood, empowerment, and healthy lifestyles through track and field. Our programs and events provide direct interaction with sport specific female role models, including world-class athletes and coaches, to equip girls with the resources to be able to participate in a sport proven to have health, educational, and social benefits.


From our Founder, Mechelle Lewis Freeman, 2008 USA Track & Field Olympian: 

I started TrackGirlz in 2015 when I realized the impact of the talented and successful women and girls in the sport was not reaching its full potential. I wanted to highlight sport specific female role models while also creating ways to inspire future talent by sharing the powerful culture of women around the world involved in the sport who encapsulate confidence, sisterhood, and healthy lifestyles.  We want the world to know the power of track girls around the world and the opportunities in the sport that can lead to long-term success for those involved.

If you are a female actively competing in the sport, you are called a Track Girl – no matter if you run, jump, or throw.  And, once a Track Girl, always a Track Girl.  It’s a community of powerful women and girls who compete or have competed in the sport and live the lifestyle of being a person confident in their skin and a competitor both on and off the track or field.  I’ve been called a “Track Girl” since I started in the sport at age 14.  Having a marketing background, I began to recognize that we were actually a brand; A strong brand, with strong positive influence.

The essence of a “Track Girl” is strong, beautiful, and bold, with the sport as a source for these attributes.  It has provided a way for me to learn through healthy competition – how to lose and how to win. I’ve learned how discipline, commitment and hard work yields positive results and how cutting corners and bad habits lead to disappointment.  Embracing self-expression among track girls is an important part of our strong community. From personalities to hairstyles and lip stick choices, the sport allows you to showcase who you authentically are, while learning the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  I use track and field work outs, follow a similar diet, and channel that Track Girl confidence ’til this day. 


‘We promote sisterhood, empower women and girls to be BOLD, be DARING and to BELIEVE, through our track and field inspired programs for girls.’ – Mechelle, Founder   

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